Tomsk State University
We had to develop a multi-page website with a course catalog. The main feature of the website is that it should encompass courses for both adults and children, but these pages should visually distinguish themselves from each other.

  • Develop the website structure and consider all educational programs.
  • Create a bright and memorable concept that will stand out among competitors.
  • Separate adult courses from children's courses.
  • Showcase the university's prestige and innovative approach to education through design.
The client has plenty of websites with different structures and branding. The new website had to combine all information from outdated websites, better connect with target audience groups, provide an intuitively clear experience and develop a coherent visual language.

  • Tight deadlines
  • Lack of a consistent visual style
  • Complex website structure
  • Bureaucratic difficulties during the work process
Our Objective
TGU has been a leader in online education and supplementary learning for over 20 years. In a short timeframe, we developed a multi-page website with a course catalog. We successfully created a unique visual style for the site tailored to two target audiences: adult students and teenagers.
It was a pleasure to work with you! One of the things I like about your designers is that they are attentive and understand the needs, but they also offer diverse solutions, independent and professional in their approach. I appreciate how quickly they grasped the idea, realized it, and saw it through.
I found it comfortable to work at all stages. Thanks for a great result and quality, and for the pleasure of communicating with you.

Aleksandra Chernyshova
Marketing Lead, TSU
Additionally, we carefully designed the structure of educational programs, the course catalog, and filters.
The primary concept was to create a website that was distinctive and set apart from competitors. The website needed to be modern and conceptual, while also aligning with the client's main website to maintain a consistent visual style. We found inspiration in the university's logo and decided to utilize simple geometric shapes and the brand's colors as the basis for the new visual style.